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Secrets Are For Losers =] [entries|friends|calendar]
BlancHOE. =]

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[26 Sep 2006|07:48pm]

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[20 Aug 2006|06:01pm]
[ mood | stoked. ]

leaving tomorrow for.......

band camp.

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[07 Aug 2006|11:55pm]
[ mood | crying... ]

Cant take this anymore...
i hate...



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[21 Jul 2006|09:23pm]
[ mood | slap happy ]

so Texas was definitely AMAZING. Nick summarized it ALL in his lj post. =] 
Surprised he memorized it all =] 
i definitely want to go back but, all my friends and family are here so... yeahh. 

I just got home from the movies. OH my! that was AMAZING i am sooo glad i went. i was deffff the youngest there but i had the BEST time. =] We went to see You, Me, And Dupree. Funniest Movie EVER.. a MUST see. =]  I now have a headache && some bumps on my head from Sarah hitting me with her laffy taffy. but it was sooo funnny. i cant even explain it all in here. haha. Just know that this night was by far the funniest nights of my life. I am gladd Sarah invited me. I am also gladd I got to see Jess again. && it was kool meeting everyone else or seeing them again. hehe. 
Sorry right now i am just slap happy. So, i am prolly gunna go to bed. 
Good Night All. 
Hope everyone had a good night like me. =] =] =] 


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[18 Jul 2006|09:05pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

ii'm home. =]

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[10 Jul 2006|07:59pm]
[ mood | STOKED ]

I am leaving tomorrow for Texas!
Yee haw. haha
Cant Wait. =]
Leave me some love!


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[09 Jul 2006|09:23pm]

First ten memebers to join get auto-accepted.
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[08 Jul 2006|09:54pm]
[ mood | unloved. ]

I hate the way you talk to me. 
And the way you cut your hair. 
I hate the way you drive my car.
I hate it when you stare. 

I hate your big dumb combat boots.
And the way you read my mind. 
I hate you so much it makes me sick-- it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you're always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh-- even worse when you make me cry. 

I hate it that you're not around.
And the fact you didn't call.
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you-- not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. 

****If it weren't for boys.... a girl's life would be P.E.R.F.E.C.T.****

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[12 Jun 2006|11:02pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I was tagged by Heather Frazier! (my big sis!)

Rules: once you've been tagged, you have to write an entry stating 6 weird facts or habits about yourself. State who tagged you and then tag 6 new people to continue the game.

1. I am LOUD && always in a good mood!

2. I LOVE Propel Shots. LMAO (sarah) =]

3. I cant spell wierd(weird) or lemonaide(lemonade) right...

4. My nicknames are: Skank Jr(from Sarah); Blanc-HOE(from most other people) haha

5. I say welcs instead of you're welcome.

6. I always say thanksss after like anything someone says. =]

I tag: Sarah Ramirez, Jessica Compton, Ashley Murray, Kelly Roy, Mark Murphy, and Jessica Bean! =]

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[03 Jun 2006|10:21pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So yeah.
Today was graduation.
It was sooo sad.
But i was soo happy to see all them again.
I cried so hard. i am not even kidding.
i miss Sarah, Jess, && Megan sooo much!
I love you guys!!!
We are sooo hanging out very sooooooon && over the summer sometime. =]
Well today after graduation my mom picked Shanna, Amy && I up from the school.
Then we went to mcdonalds to get lunch. Then my mom dropped us off at Shannas house.
After we ate, && fixed ourselves up.... Josh, Andrew, and Jeff came over.
We watched The House Of Wax. Well, no one really payed any attention to the movie. haha
It was funnnn tho. =]
At like 4*00 my mom came && picked me up cuz i had to go to her 40th b-day party. hehe. wow. it was pretty sweet not gonna lie. it was funn. Glad I went. But, My mom drank so much..haha!
It was funnny.

Well anyone wanna get together sometime??


SARAH, Original Skank, I miss youu && Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] Glad you liked my voice mail! well once i can figure out how to set mine up you can leave me one! hehe.
So sad you left me....wow. you arent even in high school anymore! =[
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[18 May 2006|04:50pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so yeahh we are crazy =]
hah oh man Amanda... haha
I definitely MADE LINK CREW out of 300 people?!?!? what what?!?! haha
so happppy. =]
Tonight I have a band concert && i am actually excited to go!
i def. hope Amy cheers up. && Shannas' mom gets better!!! =]
&& Shanna is my wife && my BFFF!!!!
i love you SLUT FACE! ♥
that is all i guess.
oh && we started stuff for colorguard. well. i guess it is going well... lol
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[02 May 2006|04:26pm]
[ mood | got my homework done!! ]

So i havent updated in a loonnng time!!
I Love all My friends!!! =]
They are all amazing!
I turned in my paper for Link Crew today =]
Hope I make it..
Cant wait for colorguard to start.
whooop whooop
&& yesterday, Amanda && I went up to Sarahs work! oh mann. that was definitely GREAT.
Yesterday, was also Jeff's One Year! =[ R.I.P Jeffie. 5.1.2005
You are missed Dearly.

Well, That is all for now.... =]

----> Amanda <----
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[26 Mar 2006|11:56pm]
[ mood | in love<333 ]

So, Basically....


He is sooo cute, sweet, the nicest boy you will everr meet!
I am so gladd we are going out.
I had an AMAZING time with him at the play on Saturday!

So on Friday winterguard is leaving RIGHT afterschool to go to Saginaw for Championships! Its gunna be SO much funn! But, I will miss my boo. =(
So I am going to call him!! heheh.
On Saturday before we head home we are gunna stop at Birch Run!! WHOOP WHOOP!
Thats all i have to say.....♥

He is AMAZING.........

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[17 Mar 2006|12:01pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Call me: Manda
Height: 5'5
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Where you are: my moms work. 

Fallen off the bed? yes
Fallen for a relative? my cousin...which i didnt know at the time.
Had plastic surgery? no
Had a dream come true?: kind of...
Done something you regret?: yes
Cheated on a test?: yeahh. got in trouble. so yeahh
Broken a bone?: never. knock on wood.

Wearing: jeans Fraser hoodie.
Reading: Love Sick By:Jake Coburn
Chatting with: Heather. whom I heart!!!
Listening:Yahoo Radio

Like anyone?: yes
Have any piercings?: yes
Have any tattoos?: no
Drive?: yes

Hugged: my mom
IMed:? Heather
Talked to on the phone: my dad.
Yelled at: kristin
Checked out? this guy that just walked in haha

What do you want to be when you grow up?: veterinary technician
What has been the best day of your life? had many...
What comes first in your life?: family...friends...

Movie: Madagascar. haha
Store: any reallly.
Relative: Mom
Ice cream: mint choc. chip
Song: You're Beautiful By: James Blunt 
Candy: Swedish Fish
Car: saturn
Magazine: 17
Book: not sure..
Color: purple/green
Name for a girl: Krista Lynn
Name for a boy: Joseph

Like to give hugs? ALWAYS
Like to walk in the rain?: yesss.
Miss someone right now?: yes
Sleep with or without clothes?: WITH
Prefer black or blue pens?: blue
Dress up for halloween?: i used to
Like to travel?: yesss.
Have a goldfish?: not anymore
Ever had the falling dream?: yes
Have stuffed animals? yes
Go on vacation?: like Always, haha

Abortion: dont even think about it.
Summer:  beach, tanning, NO SCHOOL
Tattoos: i want a butterfly on my lower back
Piercings: umm 



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[06 Mar 2006|02:14pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

A - Available: yepp.
A - Age: 15
A - Annoyance: 2 faced people.

B - Best Friend: Shanna, Amanda, Sarah, Sammy, Amy.
B - Bar: would love to go to one. hehe.
B - Birthday: september 15

C - Crush: he knows.
C - Car: anything that can move! haha.
C - Cat: 3 of them

D - Dead Pets Name: too many.
D - Dads Name: Jose
D - Dog: 3 at my moms, && 2 at my dads.

E - Easiest person to talk to: my mom.
E - Eggs: scrambled w/cheese.
E - Email: Beachbabiie915@aol.com

F - Favorite color: purple.
F - Food: chicken
F - Foreign Slang: spanish count???

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms.
G - God: is AWESOME.
G - Good Times: all the time.

H - Hair Color: brown
H - Height: 5'5
H - Happy: all the time

I - Ice Cream: strawberry.
I - Instrument: flute.
I - Idol: my mom

J - Jewelery: necklace.
J - Job: i need one.
J - Joke: i have no flippin idea? hehe.

K - Kids: i love 'em! hope to have some of my own one day!! After i am married of course
K - Karate: never
K - Kung fu: again.. NEVER. 

L - Longest Car Ride: from New Jersey to Michigan
L - Longest friendship: i have no idea.
L - Last thing you ate: kool-aid? haha.

M - Milk Flavor: strawberry
M - Mothers Name: Holly
M - Movie Last Watched: Rent, with Shanna.

N - Number of Siblings: 2 blood related... 3 half/step.
N - Northern or Southern: who? && WHAT?
N - Name: Amanda

O - One Wish: a car && my liscense
O - One Phobia: bugs
O - Otter Pop: WHAT?

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: divorced
P - Part of your appearence you like best: nothing basically. haha.
P - Part of your Personality you like best: i am loud. && VERYY Loveable && friendly

Q - Quote: Colorguard. if you cant handle it... do cheerleading. && Chlorine- my new perfume.
Q - Question for the next person: i have no idea
Q - Quick or Slow?: slow?

R - Reason to smile: i always smile! =) =)
R - Reality TV Show: American Idol && 7th Heaven
R - Right or Left: Right

S - Song Last Heard: So Sick- Ne-Yo
S - Season: summer
S - Sex: female

T - Time you woke up: 600
T - Time it is now: 526
T - Time for bed: 1000

U - Unknown Fact about me: I have no idea. haha
U - Unicorns?: want one..
U - You are: funny<3

V - Vegetable you hate: broccoli && califlower. 
V - Vegetable you love: peas, green beans
V - View on Politics: dont pay attention!

W - Worst Habits: talking to much.
W - Wacky: weather
W - Weather: ehh. kinda warm. not bad out.

X - X-Rays: mouth.
X - X-Rated porn: um no!
X - X-tra special someone: he knows.

Y - Year you were born: 1990
Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow: color of the sun

Z - Zoo Animal: panda bears. 
Z - Zodiac: virgo
Z - Zoolander: what is Zoolander?
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[23 Feb 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So.. Basically...
I am Having The BEST BREAK so Far. still getting better. 
Well yesterday We had band rehersal from 2:45-4:15 
Afterwards, I went to the AWESOME-AMAZING-CUTE-BEST FRIEND FOREVER- Shannas' house. 
Her family is sooo nice =)
She is the most AWESOME SWEETEST person EVER
She was my 1st friend at Fraser 
Well. once we got to her house her mom made an AWESOME dinner<33 (chicken parmesan, spaghetti, && bread)
then we walked up to rent movies, CVS, && 7-11. hehe. that was GRAND. 
we rented Rent
&& Ice Princess. Those were CUTE. 
we walked soooo much. 
We saw 2 HOTT guys at Antonio's Coney Island. OH MAN! hehe. 
So yesterday && Today were FLIPPIN AWESOME. I only typed a little of what we did down!
well i am gunna go to bed now. I have winterguard from 9am- noon tomorrow. 


*him* hehe. cutie.

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[20 Feb 2006|02:02pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Amanda!

  1. Medieval knights put the skin of amanda on their sword handles to improve the grip.
  2. Amanda is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered and treated by bees!
  3. A bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and amanda!
  4. The state nickname of Iowa is 'The amanda state'.
  5. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about amanda!
  6. It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same amanda.
  7. Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover up amanda.
  8. Amanda is 984 feet tall!
  9. Europe is the only continent that lacks amanda!
  10. Michelangelo finished his great statue of amanda in 1504, after eighteen months work.
I am interested in - do tell me about

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[15 Feb 2006|04:09pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow. I havent updated this in a LONG LONG time. 
Well.. Life has been Flippin AWESOME.
Valentines Day was *cute*
 I am soooo excited for winter breakkkkk ;-)
*Hoping to hang out with Sammy on Saturday =D (deffinately CANT WAIT)
*then to Heathers sleepover on Sunday night(cant wait for that either!!!)<I havent seen her since solo && ensemble.
(which I got a 2 at solo && ensemble cuz i had a mean judge but hey at least i got higher than a 3. =)
I am going to try out for the dance team this year. =) hope all goes well :-p
The other day, my ex-bf && my crush called me a 'whore'! but they were kidding so its all good =)
buttt. if they say 'POOP NUGGET' ONE more time I am going to LOSE IT! 
its not even in the dictionary, 
I am taking....
*Allied Health*
*Forensic Science*
*English 11*
*Concert Band*
...next yearrrr.
I cant believe I am actually going to be a junior next year!!! =/
OH! && for marching band we are going to Atlanta, Georgia to play at the Peach Bowl Game in December. =) =)
We have a band concert tomorrow night =)
International Foods Day is on Friday!!! =) (I am making cheese quesadillas) hehe. 
I LOVEEEEE my friends to DEATH no lie. I dont know what I would do without them!!! 
My uncle came to state this past weekend boy was that fun/funny. =)
Well now I have to go study for my Health && English test that are tomorrow. =(

thats all for now. 


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[10 Jan 2006|03:39pm]
[ mood | scared && crying ]

so yeah one of my friends Overdosed this morning =(
I was really scared.. i was talking to her RIGHT before she fainted....
She was in the Mount Clemens hospital but she just got transfered =(..they dont transfer poeple unless it is serious... EVERYONE keep her in yer prayers && thoughts pleaseeee
She is such a sweetheart! I love her to death!!!!

I ♥ you Donna!!!!



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[06 Jan 2006|05:34pm]
Turns out i MIGHT be moving. :-/
To Las Vegas. :-(
I am pretty scareddd. I am not really sure if I wanna move. I have soo many friends here. && I have a boyfriend whom I love<3

I love you ALL

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